[title size="h2"]Welcome To Pakistan - The Land Of Adventure And Nature[/title] [text align="left"] Since the beginning of time humans have traveled. Food, water, safety or acquisition of resources (trade) were the early travel motivations. But the idea of travel for pleasure or exploration soon emerged. All tourism activities are related to one or more of the following dimensions of tourism: Attractions: Are the primary motivation for traveling. They may be a primary destination or secondary destination which are interesting places to visit on the way to your primary destination. Attractions usually focus on natural resources, culture, ethnicity or entertainment. Al-Tehamah provides services of "Tourism" locally and Internationally. For Details Click Here [/text] [separator margin_top_bottom="5px" size ="0px" style="none" color=""] [title size="h4"]Al-Tehamah is also registered with Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation[/title] [text align="left"]Bellow are the Certificates of Registration: [/text]